Hi, I'm Lauren, and I'm a writer, artist and business owner.


I started my entrepreneurial career pretty young (you can click to learn all the gory details) and have been in business for myself for over 13 years.

While I have worked with Olympians and members of Congress, CEOs of billion dollar organizations and tech startups, I must say that my greatest joy  in business has been the role of catalyst in organizations and in my individual clients' lives. 

But at a certain point, I grew tired of the grind- of the hustle. My dreams kept getting bigger, but my capacity (and desire) to work around the clock and around the world diminished. I had to find another way. 

Enter the Joy|Money Matrix™. I created this tool out of desperation- while I was going through postpartum depression- because I so gravely needed a different way by which to assess my work and life and then make decisions in alignment with my values and goals. 

Prior to the matrix, I usually made decisions like most people and companies do- according to the dollar signs. My days were spent chasing those dollars and my delights- my joys- were secondary. 

Once I began to run all of my activities (the ones I had to do and the ones I'd like to do) through my matrix, I discovered that I didn't have to dismiss those desires. In fact, when I spent more time focusing on the things that give me joy (like painting and writing), my capacity to create and earn money increased. In turn, I had more leeway to cultivate the joy-giving desires. 

I also dropped the products, services and marketing that drained me. I realized that I could create a business that I enjoyed running- and I didn't have to follow someone else's blueprint for what that looks like! 

In short, the Joy|Money Matrix™ freed me up- after 13 years- to live and work my way all the time. 

Now, with the JMM membership and Certified Facilitator programs, I can spread this perspective- that you don't HAVE to do anything just because it's a "best practice" or "what everyone else does in your space." Nope, as long as you're prioritizing your Joy and your Revenue you're going to create the business and the life that suits you- and allows you to enjoy the journey.

These days, I'm spending my time on the Joy|Money Matrix™ as well as growing the stable of licenses offered by my parent company, Life Shifted Media- dedicated to providing elite entrepreneurs with proven tools to achieve rapid, creative and sustainable growth in their own companies. 

I live part time in amazing and vibrant New York City and in the gorgeous and bucolic Hudson River Valley with my hubs and daughter, Charlotte. 

My dream for the Joy|Money Matrix™ is that it is a catalyst for you in your life and your business- a way to shake up your strategy and take you to places that delight and drive revenue. 

What do you dream of? 

Tell me! I'd love to get to know you.



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