Hi, I'm Lauren, and I'm a writer, artist and entrepreneur.


I started my entrepreneurial career pretty young (you can click to learn all the gory details).

But I was an artist long before that. Except I (like so many others) felt that the work I truly loved wasn't a sustainable way to live. While building businesses (my own and others') is a creative endeavor, my soul and my hands longed to do more.

The Joy|Money Matrix is at the crux of my own awakening as an artist and professional, and I hope it will be a similar catalyst for you. 

These days, I'm spending my time on the Matrix workshops, creating anther body of work, painting and taking live drawing classes, being a mummy and a wife, and writing daily. I live part time in amazing and vibrant New York City and in the gorgeous and bucolic Hudson River Valley. 

While I have worked with Olympians and members of Congress, CEOs of billion dollar organizations and tech startups, I must say that my greatest joy has been the role of catalyst in organizations and in my individual clients' lives. 

My dream for the Joy|Money Matrix is that it is a catalyst for you in your life and your business- a way to shake up your strategy and take you to places that delight and drive revenue. 

What do you dream of? 

Tell me! 



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