Hi, I'm Lauren.


I created the Joy|Money Matrix™ after working with some 500 businesses over the course of 13 years. 

My superpowers: I'm really good at creating frameworks to make achieving results simple and repeatable (e.g. the Joy|Money Matrix™); making things beautiful; writing; seeing what's possible for individuals before they see it for themselves; making friends.

I'm not so great at: systems and organization; ready and aim before the fire; taking criticism without reacting. 

What makes me tick: I like to dive deep and explore the reasons for why we're here, the stories of our origins, our emotional landscapes. I like to tell others what I find and am pretty unvarnished when it comes to sharing my own sometimes painful experiences because I hope it might benefit others.

Also: creation is the necessity of my life. If I don't create I feel actual pain. Creation for me includes business, home, parties, art, gardening! 

Who is in my wagon: My husband and 4 year old daughter are my partners in this adventure of life. 

I dream of: A world where we treat one another with kindness. Where we make decisions based on humanity and joy as well as money. 

What do you dream of? 

Tell me! I'd love to get to know you.



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