The Joy|Money Matrix (or JMM for short) is a simple tool to help creative entrepreneurs align what you love with how you make money.





You got into this entrepreneur world so that you could be your own boss doing work you love, right?

But somewhere along the line, you realized that you're spending most of your time working on your business and neglecting the things you said you'd do once you started to work for yourself.


Dancing. Yoga. Painting. Writing. Cooking. Exercise. 

It doesn't matter what they are. The point is that it's become easy to ignore our creative impulses in favor of revenue-generating activities, marketing, social media, networking. 

We can always add more to our business to do lists. But we will never get that time back. 

Just a few months ago, I was pondering my life and wondering why I wasn't arranging flowers from the flower market, making gorgeous paintings or at least sketching here and there. None of the productivity hacks that my well-meaning husband sent me seemed to work with the way I think and operate. And really it's not about productivity.

Some of the thoughts in my head were: 

"But I have to do these things every day. I don't have time for that!"

"How am I ever going to build my biz back to pre-baby levels if I'm frolicking in Central Park, hitting up the Cooper Hewitt Museum or making collages?"

It felt like these activities weren't legitimate because I couldn't point to a positive impact on my bottom line. 

So then I decided to think like some of the smartest people I know (and don't know). They make decisions by using models. 

Ok, I thought, what's a model that works for creative folk like me? What are the elements we need to balance in order to make good, solid decisions? 

And the Joy|Money Matrix was born. 

It's a simple tool to help creative entrepreneurs get aligned with business so that their schedules support their deepest desires.