I'm beyond excited to announce that the official Joy|Money Matrix™ Permission Slips are in the house! 

These little permission slips are the physical embodiment of what the JMM empowers users to do: PERMISSION GRANTED to go rollerblading, dancing, to paint or garden or just goof off. That's what #DOYOURJOY is allll about people. 

And for whatever reason, it somehow feels more real when we write it out and post it in front of our blue glowing faces (cuz we're in front of our computers instead of being joyful). 

Also, it's PERMISSION TO STOP doing whatever stuff is seriously getting you down. Not in a bratty "I don't wanna" way. But in a strategic and smart, "I'm going to delegate this because it's not worth the emotional fallout."

So. What's going on your permission slip? 

Oh, P.S. you get these when you buy an annual membership to the JMM. 

The Power of Clarity in Business: Nukhet's Story

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This post first appeared on Shannon's blog. She wrote it about her JMM client Nukhet and I'm publishing it here with her permission. 

We’ve been talking a lot about JOY the past few weeks and how clarity can bring that euphoric joy that at many times we lack as entrepreneurs. We have our ups, our downs, our oh-shit moments, and moments of sheer confusion and loneliness. Let’s not forget the moments of What the hell should I be doing right now?, followed by another check-in on Facebook.

But on the other side of those struggles, not so far away, just over the hump if you will, is joy. Joy that comes from what only clarity and alignment and a deep inner knowing can bring. Joy that isn’t mixed with overwhelming downs and oh-shits and confusion and isolation.

I’d like you to meet Nukhet Hendricks and hear her story.

Nukhet is a fire-cracker if I have ever seen one! She is building a leadership coaching business, and she has several stories she was no longer willing to live: the Turkish immigrant who was ridiculed for her accent, the worker who was told she was too strong for a woman—and needed to tone it down.

Prior to working with me, Nukhet was having trouble defining what she did and the types of clients she wanted to work with. She desired to stand on a stage and deliver her message to many, and she wanted to have a global impact on women and girls, teaching them that leadership is NOT just a man’s world, and that women need to rise up and lead fearlessly, if we are going to experience true change in the world.

Two months ago, Nukhet experienced the powerful work I have been doing with Thought Leaders when she enrolled in the Joy|Money Matrix™ + Marketing Alignment Intensive. Since going through this in-depth process which requires one to look at all areas of their life, take stock in their joy, and then market from THAT place, her life and business has completely changed.

In fact, I caught up with Nukhet this week, and here’s what she wanted to share with you:

“The Joy|Money Matrix™ program has been life-changing for me. Working through this program led me to clarity like none other about my life; both personal and professional! 

Here is what has been happening since January:

1.  I got very clear on what I LOVE doing and why; hence the clarity around my purpose.

2. I redesigned my programs in my business. They are now aligned with my purpose, vision and mission. Delivering them brings me immense joy while being transformational for my clients.

3.  Two former clients contacted me, expressing their desire to continue to work with me; because they are ready for their next level of personal and professional growth.

4. I got booked for speaking engagements in Tampa, FL and Washington D.C.

5. I got booked for a speaking engagement in London, England; therefore actualizing my desire to have a global reach.

6. For the first time since I started my business, I am not anxious about my business.

7. I now have enough time to grow my business and have fun too because I am clear on what is for me to do, what I need to delegate and what I need to let go!

8. Creating authentic content has become easier.

9. I now operate in my zone of genius because when I am working on my business, I am energized, not drained; I can do this work for the rest of my life!  Now I know for certain; I was born to do this, like Joan of Arc said.

10. To my husband’s absolute delight, I finally have time to go on dates with him, instead of telling him I am too busy or tired.

11. Last but not least, I find that I have the energy and the desire to take exquisite care of myself; emotionally, physically and mentally instead of pushing it to the bottom of my priority list.

JMM is now my go to tool every quarter to stay in alignment with my joy, my life, and money.”

I want to be VERY clear here: This is not an outlier testimonial, a flash-in-the-pan-success that is unique to Nukhet. I have led at least 40 entrepreneurs through this process so far, and over 87% of them have had such clarity in their life and business that their marketing became JOYFUL and has led to more money, more visibility, more time, and more freedom.

If you're interested in joining Shannon for the next Joy|Money Matrix™ + Marketing Alignment Intensive, click here to learn more. 

If you'd like to learn how you can serve your own clients with the Joy|Money Matrix™, please click here to schedule a chat with me (Lauren). 


Behind the Scenes at the Ft. Lauderdale JMM Retreat

About a year ago, Shannon became a facilitator of the JMM and said she just wants to lead life changing retreats in beautiful places. And she did. In June, and October and February and March in Italy, the mountains of New Jersey, Ft. Lauderdale and Costa Rica! Here's the story of my experience of her leading the Joy|Money Matrix™ process.

About a year ago, Shannon became a facilitator of the JMM and said she just wants to lead life changing retreats in beautiful places. And she did. In June, and October and February and March in Italy, the mountains of New Jersey, Ft. Lauderdale and Costa Rica! Here's the story of my experience of her leading the Joy|Money Matrix™ process.

Joy|Money Matrix™ certified facilitator Shannon M Shannon Hernandez is doing amazing work for and with her clients using the tool.

It actually boggles my mind. Back in February I traveled to Ft. Lauderdale to experience her take on the JMM. I encouraged her to add her own flair to the matrix and she did- in signature Shannon style. As a leader in storytelling marketing for confident experts, I knew Shannon was going to use the JMM as a framework from which to help her clients rebalance their product/service portfolios and their marketing.

What I didn't know was that she would add in another exercise on mission, vision and purpose that not only would impact her clients and but also change fundamentally the way I see my own business and my role in it.

Before I share what those changes are, though, let me give you some context. I've been in business for 13 years. 13 years starting from a freelance wholesale fashion sales rep and hourly hustling to consulting and coaching and ultimately to creating models like the JMM. For years I have been a solo entrepreneur content to make my money, get paid for my time and expertise and go home.

It's a great way of life no doubt. And I knew there was more for me- I just didn't know what it might look like. I've had some false starts with investors who wanted to partner to create something that would change lives and was truly scalable. But nothing ever worked out as I had imagined so I continued to work with small numbers of clients- both small business owners and execs and teams at larger companies. All the while I have been operating according to repeatable models that I have only just started documenting. Now I realize that those models are the scalable business I was trying to create years ago.

Which brings me back to Shannon's JMM retreat in Florida. I've been through mission/vision/purpose exercises before but this one somehow was different.

Here's what I came up with:

Purpose - We believe that we are ALL more than enough.

Vision- We are a company that prioritizes contribution and creativity in commerce.

Mission - We will be the top provider of proven business tools to elite entrepreneurs who desire creative, profitable and world changing growth.

The last one- mission- is scary. And it's supposed to be. It's also energizing AF because it gives me something to shoot for. I'm a good coach. I'm a good consultant. But my superpower is creating a repeatable system to get results after I've done it intuitively over time. And Shannon's take on my Joy|Money Matrix™  helped me to see that crystal clear after blindly feeling for it in the dark for nearly a decade.

My LLC has been called Life Shifted Media for a LONG time. Now I know what Life Shifted is selling- models like the JMM (and soon my Customer Experience model) as well as the intellectual property of other seasoned business owners.

Life Shifted has its purpose/mission/vision and now it has its marching orders. Thank you Shannon and your particular approach to the Joy|Money Matrix™. I love you and am honored that you include the JMM in the powerful work you do.

ATTN: if you're a coach/consultant/mentor and are interested in adding a powerful tool to the work you are already doing- please be in touch. 

Recent podcasts featuring the JMM

Hi there!

I'm so pleased to share with you three recent podcasts that feature the JMM. I had the pleasure of joining three different entrepreneurs for chats about the intersection of Joy and Revenue and the result is three very different conversations.

Screenshot 2018-04-13 10.43.57.png

Jeffrey Shaw of the Creative Warriors podcast looks at thing through the lense of creativity. You can listen in on our conversation here. 

Mary Lou Kayser of the Play Your Position podcast takes a fun sports-themed approach to leadership and business. As a former college athlete I loved her metaphors :) 

Screenshot 2018-04-13 10.45.47.png

Finally, it was a blast to join Mary Kathryn Johnson to talk to her Parent Entrepreneur Power audience about the Joy|Money Matrix. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 10.28.29 AM.png

Case Study: What one business owner says about the Joy|Money Matrix


Beth Grant is my friend, my mentor and also my client. As the first person to use and license the Joy|Money Matrix for use in her own thriving business, she's given me invaluable feedback about the mental model and the process to facilitate transformation and clarity for those who use it. 

A bit about Beth: 

Name: Beth Grant

Location: Chicago, IL

Business: Truth and Consciousness. Her body of work includes products and services for entrepreneurs. She created a phenomenal framework called the Archetype Alignment Grid that helps her clients align their marketing and businesses using her unique grid.

Fun facts: Beth writes songs and sings. 

How she uses the JMM in her business: Beth uses the JMM for her own planning (marketing, products and services) and she leads individuals and small groups through the Joy|Money Matrix process all over the world. 

Every coach should have this in their toolkit.
— Beth Grant, creator of the Archetype Alignment Grid


It's with great pride (and humility) that I share her thoughts about the Matrix and how it has impacted her own business and those of her clients. 

Here's Beth:

"The first time I created my Joy|Money Matrix I could not believe my eyes. It's like my business was communicating with me through this visual process all the things I wasn't seeing day to day. And not just my business, but my soul. Each JMM has a different story to tell; in fact, each quadrant has a story longing to be told.

I immediately saw new marketing choices to make, and a big change I needed to make in my business model that was essential to my well being. It also saw how much I was neglecting my creative pursuits and I knew this had to change. 

Then, I asked Lauren if I could use it with my clients at our retreat. They LOVED the process I walked them through. Some saw literally hundreds of thousands of dollars of potential revenue just sitting there; others saw their choices validated; another saw a nifty way to integrate her art into her coaching business. I asked them to rate it ... every participate gave the JMM work a 10 out of 10! 

I use the JMM all the time now ... every project is planned using it. Every marketing decision is gauged by where it falls on my JMM. I use sections of it with my clients to help them make decisions in their business model and their marketing ... in everything.

The real power in this tool is in its simplicity. It's quick, easy and you can do it on the fly ... all you need is a cocktail napkin and a pen and you're poised to make whopping big decisions in a way that honors what you truly want."


If you would like to work with Beth on your own Joy|Money Matrix, then you can learn more and reach out to her here. 

If you'd like to be notified when the DIY Joy|Money Matrix launches, just put your details below.

What is a mental model and why are they important?

Before I dive into the definition of mental models, I want to tell you a little story.

Shortly after Charlotte was born in fall of 2014, I was at a live event with Derek Halpern. He invited people who had purchased a program through him and I think invited me because I live in NYC. (I've purchased his Yes Engines product and really liked it. I can talk about the results of it later.)

Anyway, he wanted to give massive value to all those attending and one of the guys who spoke was a man named Todd Herman. Todd works with athletes and really high performers to help them achieve more. 

Todd talked a lot about Charlie Munger- the Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, a close friend and advisor to Warren Buffett and a huge fan of mental models. 

I filed away the name Charlie Munger and proceeded about my business. 

Later that fall, I had a new client. A high performer I'll call Rosalind who graduated from Harvard Business School and worked for a top tier consulting firm. She wanted to achieve some personal goals so she hired me. She is not woo woo at all. And in our work together she talked a lot about these mental models. 

In my mind, Rosalind typified the super left brain person who makes rational and clinical decisions all the time. Head over heart, if you will. And I have always been one of those "gut feeling" type of gals. I might make a pro/con list but I'm gonna go with my intuition. 

And in general, intuition has served me well. 

Unless it doesn't. 

I realized that some elements of my life were not working. And my intuition (really just a mental model that emphasizes the invisible and occasionally the inexplicable over the concrete) wasn't necessarily helping me be a better mum, get more done, or enjoy my business. 

So, I decided it was time for a change. I started to explore mental models. I started with one that was simple- it applied solely to my business and didn't really require me to get my emotions and intuition involved. You can read about that one here. It's great. 

But using the Boston Consulting Group's model wasn't helping me get closer to my goals. I looked at a few other models but they still seemed to be quite clinical- only factoring in elements that just didn't speak to my heart or my creative, woo woo side. 

One day as I was driving in the countryside of the Hudson Valley, I started to ponder what kind of model would make sense to someone like me. 

And the Joy|Money Matrix was born. I stuck a quick video on instagram and went on about my day. I didn't really think too much of it until my friend Beth Grant emailed me later to say how much it had helped her with her business. 

Now, we're using the JMM to help:

  • Executives learn to delegate and to write better job descriptions for new roles
  • Teams figure out the best use of their time and effort during project planning phases
  • Creative entrepreneurs revamp their business models, uncover streams of revenue
  • Frustrated artists to come out of hiding and create again

All this because of a mental model that works.

So, what then is a mental model? 

A mental model is an explanation of someone’s thought process about how something works in the real world. It is a representation of the surrounding world, the relationships between its various parts and a person’s intuitive perception about his or her own acts and their consequences. Mental models can help shape behaviour and set an approach to solving problems (akin to a personal algorithm) and doing tasks.
— Wikipedia


A great blog, Farnam Street, talks a lot about mental models and emphasizes that we should ideally operate with many different models so that we subvert our own psychology and tendencies toward bias. (Yes.) 

But for many a creative entrepreneur, having just one mental model is a breakthrough. And a good start. 

So the JMM can be that- an introduction to a different (not necessarily always better) way of parsing all the information we have available to us so that we make the best decisions and get closer to our ideal results. 

Mental models like the Joy|Money Matrix, coupled with intuition, can help us achieve peak performance. And I'm all about that. 


Getting Started with the JMM

I'm pretty pumped to get this concept out into the world.

This little gem, the Joy|Money Matrix has done these things for me: 

1. Ended a decade and a half artist's block. Seriously. I'm writing and painting (and making money from it) even though I hadn't done this stuff in AGES. It feels fantastic to be able to call myself an artist again.

2. Helped me and my husband prioritize some joy-generating activities. Painting of course is one, but another one that neither one of us realized was so joyful- ice skating! I don't skate much in the summer months but we now make sure that I skate weekly in the winter. It feels fantastic to know that I'm making that a priority.

3. Emphasized the rituals and routines I must cultivate in order to be more joyful and more revenue producing. For me, those are related to sleep, exercise and admin. 

4. I'm making more money! Finally, and probably obvious to you all, is that what started as a little video on instagram has become a revenue stream for me- a new dimension to my business.

What might the JMM uncover for you? 

Here's that original video, btw.