Getting Started with the JMM

I'm pretty pumped to get this concept out into the world.

This little gem, the Joy|Money Matrix has done these things for me: 

1. Ended a decade and a half artist's block. Seriously. I'm writing and painting (and making money from it) even though I hadn't done this stuff in AGES. It feels fantastic to be able to call myself an artist again.

2. Helped me and my husband prioritize some joy-generating activities. Painting of course is one, but another one that neither one of us realized was so joyful- ice skating! I don't skate much in the summer months but we now make sure that I skate weekly in the winter. It feels fantastic to know that I'm making that a priority.

3. Emphasized the rituals and routines I must cultivate in order to be more joyful and more revenue producing. For me, those are related to sleep, exercise and admin. 

4. I'm making more money! Finally, and probably obvious to you all, is that what started as a little video on instagram has become a revenue stream for me- a new dimension to my business.

What might the JMM uncover for you? 

Here's that original video, btw.