I'm beyond excited to announce that the official Joy|Money Matrix™ Permission Slips are in the house! 

These little permission slips are the physical embodiment of what the JMM empowers users to do: PERMISSION GRANTED to go rollerblading, dancing, to paint or garden or just goof off. That's what #DOYOURJOY is allll about people. 

And for whatever reason, it somehow feels more real when we write it out and post it in front of our blue glowing faces (cuz we're in front of our computers instead of being joyful). 

Also, it's PERMISSION TO STOP doing whatever stuff is seriously getting you down. Not in a bratty "I don't wanna" way. But in a strategic and smart, "I'm going to delegate this because it's not worth the emotional fallout."

So. What's going on your permission slip? 

Oh, P.S. you get these when you buy an annual membership to the JMM.