What if your life and work were more joyful? 

The Joy|Money Matrix is a simple tool to help creative entrepreneurs experience more joy as they make money and live life.

To be clear- it's a mental model (basically an XY axis) that requires you to categorize everything in your life according to JOY and REVENUE. 

It's really simple. Here's the instagram video that started it all. 

Now, you can DIY your own JMM using just this instagram video! You won't get the in-depth materials, the prezzies or the process, but it's gratis! So if that's what you're grooving on, do that and let me know how you get on here

It's so funny to see that video now because the process has become so much more refined and sophisticated, thanks in large part to my Certified Facilitators.

So, for those who want to know more about how to get ahold of your own Joy|Money Matrix, read on. I'd like to show you why this simple tool has revolutionized the lives and businesses of the entrepreneurs who are using it. And I'm starting with the details of my own story. 

I've been working for myself- as a freelancer and then as a proper business owner- since 2004. During that time I've had amazing success and stunning failure. I've had a multi-six figure income and I've wondered how I would pay rent and buy food.


I've also created my ideal life in my mind, achieved it IRL but not been present enough to realize it. 


At one particularly high flying period, I was making so much money that I seemed to forget what I said I always wanted: time and money to travel.

It didn't occur to me that I had earned enough money to live abroad for five years because I was so caught up in the day-to-day of my clients and marketing and travel and networking that the sounds of my dreams (my joys) were silenced.

Even more than making money, I became an entrepreneur so that I could own my own schedule. 

So that I could choose how to spend my days. 

And yet, I wasn't traveling or meditating or practicing yoga or painting or reading or writing that book like I said I would do. 


If I am the master of my time, then why was I not prioritizing my joy? 

The answer is that I didn't know how to. 

Most productivity and time management tools out there are great at helping you achieve your goals. They employ a variety of techniques and processes to get you from point a to point b. 

And that's great! I'm personally a big fan of the 90 Day Year. It's helped me reframe how I spend my time and what I focus on to get great results. 

However, for those of us who identify as right brained, creative, unstructured or energy-aware, it can be very hard to create hard and fast schedules and to adhere to very stringent programs. 

In fact, I found myself really craving a different way to think about how I spend my time. 

Enter the Joy|Money Matrix. Here's a short audio I made to describe what happens when we've "lost that loving feeling" in our businesses and what we can do to get it back. 


I created this tool because I wanted a process that combined head with heart.  

And that's what it does. The Joy|Money Matrix wants all of you: your emotions and your spirit, your practicality and your analytical mind. It requires you to use both in order to create a beautiful map for how to make heart-felt decisions. 

For me, personally, the JMM has helped me tap into abundant stores of creativity that were lying dormant for decades. I've become an artist (who sells paintings!) and a more creative mom to my daughter. I'm working on projects around my home that I used to tell myself I didn't have time for. I've revived my home yoga practice, I'm meditating more than ever and tending my spiritual life's fires. 

All that and I'm still working (albeit part time) and running two households. The amazing thing is, I don't feel overwhelmed (haha most days) and I'm so excited because I'm actively pursuing activities, hobbies and new business ideas that used to just sit in a notebook or my journal, collecting dust and relegated to the "someday maybe" pile. 

Even cooler, as our family's idea of joy morphs and changes, the Joy|Money Matrix can help us identify new and different ways to change our lives and our work to support our new ideas. 

As you can see, this has been a life changer. 

So now I'm making the Joy|Money Matrix available to all those with the desire to look at their lives and businesses in a different way. 

I sincerely hope you check it out and experience as profound a shift as I have in using it. 

I use the JMM all the time now ... every project is planned using it. Every marketing decision is gauged by where it falls on my JMM. I use sections of it with my clients to help them make decisions in their business model and their marketing ... in everything.
— Beth Grant, JMM Licensee and creator of the Archetype Alignment Grid
An actual, real live Matrix. The sticky notes are vital to the process.

An actual, real live Matrix. The sticky notes are vital to the process.

The JMM is Simple.

The Joy|Money Matrix is a simple and elegant mental model that helps creative entrepreneurs make better decisions about their lives and businesses. With customized sticky notes! 

It asks you to pay attention to what brings you joy and to what brings you revenue.

That way, those of you who like to combine heart and head (or logic and intuition) can have a two piece framework that speaks both to the tangible and to the ephemeral. 

The Joy|Money Matrix is insightful, holding, healing, clarifying and full of possibility...a place to connect the dots and rearrange the entire picture.
— Elana Slott, creator of Conscious Conception
The JMM helps you crystalize your priorities like never before. Including that trip to Paris...

The JMM helps you crystalize your priorities like never before. Including that trip to Paris...

The JMM is Profound

The JMM will show you visually what changes you can make in your business and life. It will show you where you're procrastinating, what you can delegate, what products and services to focus on and which social media to chuck. 

It will also let you know what relationships don't serve you, why you don't always get the results you want, and what you can do to allow things to just flow.

The Joy|Money Matrix showed me what a huge amount of content I’ve produced but that I’m not actually promoting. I’m now committed to promoting my content more and enjoying everything that goes along with it- more sales, more visibility and knowing that my work is helping more people. I adore Lauren and often refer to her as the genius and here she is again creating something remarkable.
— Jennifer Urezzio, creator of Soul Language
Once you have access to the workshop, you always have access!

Once you have access to the workshop, you always have access!

the JMM is Reusable

This is a product that I want you to use the heck out of! We all have some programs/products sitting around on our computers that we've barely touched. I created the JMM to be something that you come back to again and again and again. 

Some people are using it for monthly or quarterly planning. Others refer to it (no joke) every single day. The point is, let this be a tool that supports your highest good, that supports your phenomenal creative energies, that supports your most massive action and biggest revenue yet.




The Joy|Money Matrix is a good time! I encourage you to make the process as retreat-like as possible and happen to think the videos are occasionally humorous. 

Further, it doesn't take forever to complete and it's not difficult to start implementing your insights immediately- even the same day! 



So, what exactly IS it? 

The JMM is at its essence a tool for consistent decision-making. It helps creative entrepreneurs make strategic decisions by taking into account both joy and revenue.

You can experience the JMM in two ways: 

  1. Hire a Certified Facilitator to work with you 1:1 or in a small group. 
  2. Purchase the JMM Box and Online Workshop to experience a similar process by DIYing it using the online modules and materials you receive in the box. 


A note about your Joy|Money Matrix process: 

You'll receive access to the online workshop as soon as you pay for your JMM Box. Then, it will take me a few days to assemble your box (each one gets special love and some unique surprise goodies). 

When you receive your box, you'll be ready to rock and roll with your Joy|Money Matrix experience. The modules include the basics of making your matrix (like on the instagram vid above), but the real juice comes from the process of assessing your matrix. To do that I've included helpful diagrams to make finding alignment easier, journaling questions to spark your noggin, and action prompts so that you take all that you learn from your matrix and actually do something with it! 

In all, it's a 5 part process that could take anywhere from an afternoon to two days. We all go at a different pace, but I recommend making it as retreat-like as possible, hence the box of goodies!

Collectively, the JMM comprises about $200 of tools so that you get the most out of your JMM process. I made it into a box so that I could minimize the friction you might face in completing your JMM and getting the most out of your investment that you can can. 

In the beta, people were trying to complete the JMM in a journal or with stickies that drove them nuts. I don't want to see you bogged down by the details of annoying fly-away stickies in the wrong sizes/colors. Or by having to print out your own pdfs. (That's always been a huge pet peeve of mine when I've purchased a program- printing 300 pages on my printer! I would always cheap out and print in black and white. But let's be honest: color printing on high quality recycled paper feels soooo much better.)

The process is golden- but you have to show up for it and be prepared. So this box equips you with everything you will need- and then some- to feel as if you were having your own individual retreat like experience, in the comfort of your own home.  

Here's what you get when you order the Joy|Money Matrix Box

  • Immediate lifetime access to the online workshop. You could theoretically begin immediately, but there are Reasons you might want to wait for your box. Namely...
  • A box. Jam-packed with goodies just for you. 
  • A binder full of all the pdfs in the workshop, journaling pages, and transcripts of all videos (except the meditation vid for obvious reasons). All printed in full color on premium paper that's made from some post-consumer waste!
  • A JMM 18x24 poster for making your matrix.
  • Customized sticky notes that make the JMM process colorful, fun and annoyance-free. You'll receive enough stickies to do the JMM several times. 
  • An erasable pen and erasable marker (thank you to JMM Certified Facilitator Shannon Hernandez for turning me on to these!)
  • A fun t-shirt (be sure to lmk your sizing during check out).
  • An inspirational piece of art to celebrate your creativity and action.
  • Treats that shall remain surprises but are, rest assured, joyful :) 


Here are how some business owners are using this tool to create more joy and more money: 

Content Marketing Strategy- Use the JMM process to assess your content by where it falls on your matrix. Discover untapped sources of content as well as those mediums that no longer serve you and your goals. 

Lifestyle Design- Long to take more trips, finally start meditating, or want to prioritize your self-care? The JMM can show you exactly what activities will maximize your joy while still prioritizing the sustainability of your business. 

Product/Services Mix- Have you been hanging on to a product, service or target market for too long? The JMM can shed light on those products and services that are business bright spots and which are dragging you down. N.B. This portion often surprises biz owners.

Growing a Team/Delegation- The Joy|Money Matrix is one of the best tools for building the right team that I can think of. In clear colored stickies, you'll see exactly what elements of your business you'd better delegate and at what point that becomes possible from a cash flow perspective. 




Now for some details: 

  • Some people do these processes very quickly while others take more time. I recommend an afternoon to a full day once you have prepared your materials. 
  • Some of my Certified Facilitators use two full days with their clients: the first day to complete the Matrix and the second to assess and then to create a plan of action.
  • The course is video, with audio files and transcripts for download. I think it's great fun to work along with the video but it's not a requirement if that's not the best way for you to learn.
  • When you purchase the workshop, it's yours to use forever. Please be mindful that it's for your use only. If you would like to share it with clients or friends, they must also purchase a workshop and/or you must become a JMM Certified Facilitator.