You didn't become an entrepreneur to spend your life on social media.


And your clients (as much as you may love them) are not why you've "lost that loving feeling." 

The reason that we lose our joy is because we're not giving ourselves opportunities to cultivate it on a daily basis. 

When did we lose that innate impulse? We probably had it when we were kids, but somewhere along the line we pushed our joy-giving activities down our priority lists until we can't even remember what they are. 

Roller skating. Watching a ballgame. Playing your guitar. Rolling around in the grass. Performing in plays. Finger painting. Puzzles. Blowing bubbles. Reading. Cooking. 

I got so used to spending my time on "revenue-producing activities" that I no longer recognized my lost joys. 

Here's the thing though: 

What you love doing can sustain you. 


For me it's painting. Something I love doing. Something I put off for 15 years. And when I got started again, BAM! a commission came right in to remind me that joy and money can go together.

We need the joy. But we need the money too. 

That's why I use the word sustain. Let your joys sustain you. Give them a chance. I'm not saying chuck your day job or shutter your business.

All I'm saying is try the Joy|Money Matrix. Uncover your joys. Discover new ways to sustain yourself and your family. Recover your dreams. 


Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.
— Franklin D. Roosevelt

 A playful paint exercise in my sketchbook. 

 A playful paint exercise in my sketchbook.