Hi newsletter friends! I'm really excited that you're on this page and considering the JMM. 

This pre-order page will be live until September 6 at which point if you want to buy the JMM, it will be its usual $98 price. 

On this page, you'll find a not-very typical sales page and the order now button! If you're jonesing for a more typical sales page, then wait til September 6! 

Here's a bit about what you need to know regarding the Joy|Money Matrix: 

It's simple. 

The Joy|Money Matrix is a simple and elegant mental model that helps creative entrepreneurs make better decisions about their lives and businesses. 

The Joy|Money Matrix asks you to pay attention to what brings you joy and to what brings you revenue.

That way, those of you who like to combine heart and head (or logic and intuition) can have a two piece framework that speaks both to the tangible and to the ephemeral. 

The Joy|Money Matrix is insightful, holding, healing, clarifying and full of possibility...a place to connect the dots and rearrange the entire picture.
— Elana Slott, creator of Conscious Conception

It's profound. 

The JMM will show you visually what changes you can make in your business and life. It will show you where you're procrastinating, what you can delegate, what products and services to focus on and which social media to chuck. 

It will also let you know what relationships don't serve you, why you don't always get the results you want, and what you can do to allow things to just flow.

The Joy|Money Matrix showed me what a huge amount of content I’ve produced but that I’m not actually promoting. I’m now committed to promoting my content more and enjoying everything that goes along with it- more sales, more visibility and knowing that my work is helping more people. I adore Lauren and often refer to her as the genius and here she is again creating something remarkable.
— Jennifer Urezzio, creator of Soul Language

It's reusable!

This is a product that I want you to use the heck out of! We all have some programs/products sitting around on our computers that we've barely touched. I created the JMM to be something that you come back to again and again and again. 

Some people are using it for monthly or quarterly planning. Others use it (no joke) every single day. The point it, let this be a tool that supports your highest good, that supports your phenomenal creative energies, that supports your most massive action and biggest revenue yet. 

Some other details: 

The JMM is multi-media. You'll have access to a members' area when it launches in September that includes: videos, audio files, transcripts and downloadable pdfs so that you can create your very own Joy|Money Matrix for yourself in the comfort of your own home or office. 


It will take you around a half-day to really dive into. The JMM works best if you give yourself around four hours to start. Some of my licensees conduct two day VIP sessions with clients all about the Matrix. And later this fall I'll do a short 90 minute intro. But to get the most out of your investment, I recommend having at least a half day set aside for the Joy|Money Matrix. 


N.B. If you want to go through the Joy|Money Matrix process with some friends (I love a JMM party!), I ask that you honor the integrity of the creation and make sure each participant has purchased the product individually. If you'd like to work through the Matrix with clients, please do so via the licensing opportunity I have available. Thank you.