Jennifer is the creator of  Soul Language

Jennifer is the creator of Soul Language

Jennifer urezzio

“The Joy|Money Matrix showed me what a huge amount of content I’ve produced but that I’m not actually promoting. I’m now committed to promoting my content more and enjoying everything that goes along with it- more sales, more visibility and knowing that my work is helping more people. I adore Lauren and often refer to her as the genius and here she is again creating something remarkable.”

Nukhet hendricks

I now operate in my zone of genius because when I am working on my business, I am energized, not drained; I can do this work for the rest of my life!  Now I know for certain; I was born to do this, like Joan of Arc said.

BETH grant

I use the JMM all the time now ... every project is planned using it. Every marketing decision is gauged by where it falls on my JMM. I use sections of it with my clients to help them make decisions in their business model and their marketing ... in everything.


Former wedding and event planner Jasmine Cianflone shifted out of her successful events business to dive wholeheartedly into her calling as a spiritual mentor and priestess.